Remedial Massage and Reflexology in Hobart Help to Reduce Swollen Ankle – Case Study

Date:2023-12-11 Category:Remedial Massage Author:Rachel

How to help your clients with remedial massage techniques, reflexology and trigger point therapy to reduce their swollen ankles painfulness and soreness scale? Here is a case study sample from my experience on November, 2023. A permission is granted from the client. In the case study, it will not include any personal information but only the medical issue and treatment suggestion as a guide. Please note that individuals are different in each case, you would need to diagnose and judge by your professionalism case by case. This case study is more for educational sharing.  


A client came to my place on Nov, 2023 at Murdunna. She was barely walk, had to use crutches for supporting. Have difficulties to lay on the bed and turn over. Whole body ached and sore due to stress for almost half year. She was expecting to get rid of the walking stick after couple treatments, as well as the soreness. 

Initial Treatment

Starting with a palpation in the initial treatment. The soreness and pain scale is shown as follow 

AreaPain scale (1-10)
splenius capitis 9/10 both side
splenius cervicis 8/10 both side
upper trapezius muscle  left 9/10, right 8/10  
shoulder blade left 9/10, right 8/10  
lower back 8/10 both side
calf muscle 9/10 both side
ankle (lymphatic blocked) 10/10, this is the main issue causing walking problem 
feet reflexology zone 9/10 both side

Remedial Massage Treatment Schedule

One hour remedial massage weekly for 3 times is recommended. Even though she was whole body ached, I would spent time equally between upper body and legs to reduce the swollen ankles in the first treatment. Trigger point therapy applied on shoulder blades, hips, thighs and calves.  

On second time treatment, utilise reflexology to improve the blood circulation as a whole, and reduce pain scale by pressure points. I also suggested her to have hot foot spa at home every night before bed. When the painful scale goes down to 5/10, fortnightly treatment would be enough.

Result & Continue Treatment

Surprisingly, on her third time visit, she can actually walk without the walking sticks! That was a huge improvement in such a short time. The ankles pain scale also went down to 5/10. Since then, I concentrated on lower back because that was the connection within trunk, one of the most important areas to work on reducing tense. Spending 40mins on upper body and 20 mins on leg and feet. Infra light treatment to heat up the tight muscles so that she can handle more pressure but still relaxing.  

After 4 sessions, her overall painful scale goes down to 3/10, ankles swollen gone. Legs and feet are not sore any more, only muscle stiffness. So only 4 weeks remedial massage treatments, her main issue is been fixed. She doesn’t need the crutches for walking anymore. Now she only need to come monthly as an ongoing maintenance. She was so happy and even asked her son to come for a treatment. Every time I feel so happy when client no need to suffer the pain anymore. This is my working passion for helping people live better and happier. 

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