Remedial Massage & Reflexology Help to Reduce Swollen Ankle – Case Study

Date:2023-12-11 Category:Remedial Massage Author:Rachel

How to help your clients with remedial massage techniques, reflexology and trigger point therapy to reduce their swollen ankles painfulness and soreness scale? We both operate in Hobart and Murdunna for remedial massage helping pain issue. Here is a case study sample from my experience on November, 2023.

A permission is granted from the client. In the case study, it will not include any personal information but only the medical issue and treatment suggestion as a guide. Please note that individuals are different in each case, you would need to diagnose and judge by your professionalism case by case. This case study is more for educational sharing.  


A client came to my studio on Jan, 2024 at Sparkle Beauty Spa & Massage – Hobart asking for a remedial massage. He was walking in pain with arching back. He started with sore back and went for a massage in a shopping center near Hobart, lower back got more painful after 3 hours since the massage. Then he went to another shopping center for the second massage in the next day.

Things was getting out of control since then. There were so much pain he could not sleep, could not walk appropriately, could not sit for too long. He came to my Hobart studio hoping to get rid of the pain as soon as possible. 

Initial Treatment

Starting with a palpation in the initial treatment. The soreness and pain scale is shown as follows:

AreaPain scale (1-10)
splenius capitis 9/10 both side
splenius cervicis 8/10 both side
upper trapezius muscle  left 9/10, right 8/10  
shoulder blade left 9/10, right 8/10  
lower back 8/10 both side
calf muscle 9/10 both side
ankle (lymphatic blocked) 10/10, this is the main issue causing walking problem 
feet reflexology zone 9/10 both side

Starting with a palpation in the initial treatment. I found that originally his lower back was just a bit tight, the soreness was caused by the hamstring, which means the treatment should be worked on upper leg not only lower back. But because the former massage treatments hurt the lower back muscle twice with wrong pressure and concentration, his right lower back muscle was swelling at that moment.

Erector spinae muscle was inflamed, which was the main reason causing so much pain. Herbal oil was applied to reduce the swelling, no any firm pressure but only gentle rub to help natural herbal oil to penetrate underneath the skin for blood circulation improvement. After 20 mins with herbal oil until the injured area started warm up, then use infrared light for ongoing treatment. The heat helps to reduce the pain straight away. 

At the same time, remedial massage technique and trigger point therapy work on the shoulder, upper trapezius muscle, levator scapula muscle where causing sore and tight neck. Gentle firm pressure to massage on splenius capitis muscle and splenius cervicis muscle to improve the neck movement flexibility.    

For the lower back issue, we need to work on the original cause – hamstring. Remedial massage technique applied on biceps femoris, semitendinosus muscle and semimembranosus muscle. Massage the calf muscle including gastrocnemius muscle and soleus muscle. When I press the popliteal fossa, client was facing extremely pain. That indicates he uses his right leg more than the left one. That is also one of the reasons causing the lower back sore and tightness. Trigger point therapy applied to the popliteal fossa with the right pressure helping to release the tension.

Remedial Massage Treatment Schedule

One hour remedial massage weekly for 3 times is recommended. Half hour infrared light treatment in between for quicker improvement of lower back injure recovery. Loosen up the upper body tension, but also work on lower limb tightness release.  

On second time treatment, trigger point therapy applied on hips, thighs and calves muscles. Especially the gluteus maximus to release lower back tension. Once the lower limb tightness release, the lower back soreness will be gone automatically. 


Remedial Massage Result

On client’s second time visit, his lower back pain gone a lot. Can walk normally with straight back. Inflamed muscle recover a lot, swelling is gone down more than 80%. His muscle recover very well. So only one more treatment he would be all good to go. 

If you are facing similar issues, welcome to Sparkle Beauty Spa & Massage – Hobart for a remedial massage. Always fix the pain the earlier the better.

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