How Remedial Massage Help to Reduce Swollen Knee – Case Study

Date:2023-2-13 Category:Remedial Massage Author:Rachel

How to help your clients with remedial massage techniques and reduce their painfulness and soreness scale? Here is a case study sample from my experience, permission is granted from the client. In the case study, it will not include any personal information but only the medical issue and treatment suggestion as a guide. Please note that individuals are different in each case, you would need to diagnose and judge by your professionalism case by case. This case study is more for educational sharing.

Diagnose and Initial Treatment

Last couple months, a client came to me with a big swollen right knee. She told me it had been like that for almost a year. She had visited a physiotherapist in a fitness center for more than half, but did not quite improve. Now they recommend her to see a surgeon. And she decided to visit me before she actually visited a surgeon.

As usual, as a remedial massage treatment, I started with a quick palpation and initial assessment. The soreness and pain scale in right calf 8/10, right ankle 8/10. Feet reflexology zone sore 8.5/10. The main issue was the swollen right knee, almost double size compare to normal. I made a treatment schedule two sections a week for two weeks, each section 30 minutes. I put it more frequent schedule but less time in each section as intensive treatment. Tried to help her as much as I could before she went to see a doctor.

Treatment Purpose

For the purpose of remedial massage treatment, I mainly focused on the right leg, reduced pain level, recovered the flexibility of leg movement. Self stretching and exercise needed. Heat treatment needed, infra light treatment needed. For the first section treatment, I applied trigger point therapy technique to loosen up the tension of right knee as well as the back area. Also using herbal oil for improving blood circulation which would help to reduce the swollen issue. When I worked on the reflexology zone, she was so painful. The feet and part of lymphatic system is blocked, which could be part of the reasons why her knee swollen so bad for such a long time.

Continue Treatment & Result

After I used the infra light during her second time treatment, her right side of upper leg swollen gone down. The area around knee shrinking down a bit, continue infra light treatment would be needed. The pain scale gone down a little bit as well. Right knee 7/10, right calf 7/10, right ankle 6/10, feet reflexology zone 5/10. And I gave her the herbal oil to use on issues areas every night, which can help to improve blood circulation and reduce soreness quicker, as well as swollen.

After 5 sessions, it is very happy to see that her swollen issue has reduced so much, almost back to normal knee size. The overall pain scale goes down to 3/10, which is completely fine. The reflexology zone is not painful at all. So after 2 weeks intensive remedial massage treatments, her main issue is been fixed. Now she only need to come monthly as an ongoing maintenance.

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