Biological Spectrum Therapy in Hobart

Very excited to launch a new massage therapy device in Sparkle Beauty Spa & Massage Hobart location. This Biological Spectrum Therapy Device helps to fix issues such as frozen shoulder, lower back injure and lower back pain.

Based on the high powered Infrared therapy device of traditional Chinese medicine theory, stands for “Special Biological Electromagnetic Spectrum” in Chinese. That is why have a name like Biological-spectrum Therapy Device, and has been used in China and other Asian countries for over 10 years. An infrared light, it works by emitting an infrared spectrum(include wave length 8-14 microns) which is specific from the treatment plate on the lamp head. This infrared spectrum are very compatible and easily absorbed by human beings as it can actually penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep into muscular tissues and ligaments. Infrared therapy device has gained world-wide renown for pain relief, and stimulate blood flow, relieving muscle and joint stiffness, muscle spasms, sprains , strains and muscular back pain.

Effects of Far-Infrared waves on the Human Body

– Raises temperature in tissue 
– Stimulate blood flow
– Expansion of capillary vessels 
– Rejuvenation of cells 
– Promotion of blood circulation 
– Helps to move toxins from cells 
– Improvement in Lymphatic system

Biological Spectrum Far infrared therapy follows the holistic healing principle. It does not only help treat a symptom, and improve the immune system but also enhances the whole body function, the improvement of the symptom simply comes naturally. 

How the Biological Spectrum Therapy Device Works

Far infrared rays is an invisible spectrum of sunlight discovered by a scientist Sir William Herschel in 1800. The most light we see every day is actually a combination of many different types. All lights are electro-magnetic waves. The wavelengths of lights determine their properties. Lights could be visible, invisible. Visible lights could also present different colors red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, and violet in color known as rainbow colors. The visible rays are When combined they produce the”white light”that we experience every day. The invisible rays are Ultra Violet, Long Wave, Cosmic, X-rays, Gamma, Microwave, Electrical Wave and Infrared. Infrared waves are between visible light and the Microwave rays As shown in below image. 

The Biological Spectrum Therapy Device is different from the conventional heat lamps, infrared lamps and microwave therapeutic devices. Biological Spectrum Therapy Device features treatment plate with proprietary Pyramid Wide Dispersion Angle and coated with a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 43 elements essential to the human body. This advanced configuration curing plate emission area is bigger , emitting rate higher and irradiation more uniformity than the conventional infrared therapy device and heat therapy device.

Infrared light is in this spectrum’s lower range, and although its rays aren’t visible to the naked eye, it generates the warmth we feel on bright sunny days. researches have indicated that all matters emit certain kind of electromagnetic wave at the temperature above absolute zero (-273.15). And electromagnetic wave emitted by life-forms ranges from millimeter wave to microwave, which is called “Biological-spectrum”. The development and reproduction of all life-forms on earth are dependant on far infrared ray. The wavelength of Infrared Waves vary from 0.76 micron to 1,000 microns. biologist J-D-Harry discovered the average wave length at 8-14 microns are very compatible and easily absorbed by human beings.

When activated by the built-in electric heating element, this proprietary Pyramid Wide Dispersion Angle proprietary mineral formulation consisting of 43 elements plate emits a special band of far-infrared waves ranging from 2 to 25 (microns) in wavelength that concides with the wavelengths and intensity of the electromagnetic radiations emanating from the human body. As a result, The Biological Spectrum Therapy Health Lamp far- infrared waves are readily absorbed.

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